Listed below, you will find our current rates and requirements. If you do not find the information you need, please contact our office and we will provide it for you.

Water Service Rates

Price per 1,000 Gallons $5.94
Meter Size Monthly Base Rate
5/8" $33.00
3/4" $46.20
1" $85.55
1.5" $184.75
2" $310.05
3" $653.55
4" $1,076.20
6" $2,106.15

CCWD customers are billed each month; payments must be made on or before the 27th of the following month.

Out-Of-District Surcharges

For "grandfathered" metered services on a parcel NOT annexed into the District
Meter Size Surcharge (added to base rate)
5/8" $23.50
3/4" $37.50
2" $250.00

This surcharge fee is added on to the customers monthly bill; this does NOT replace the monthly base rate. The purpose of the surcharge is to ensure that all customers contribute to repayment of the Bond issued for the large water tank on Rabbit Hill.

Bulk Water Rates

Bulk Water per thousand gallons,
depending on agreed monthly allotment
starting at $20.00
Monthly Allotment Monthly Fee Per 1,000 gals
5,000 $5/$20.00
10,000 $10/$20.00
20,000 $20/$20.00
50,000 $50/$20.50
100,000 $100/$21.50
100,000+ Contact Office
New Bulk Account Fee $30.00
Pin Change Fee $5.00
Pin reconnect Fee $15.00

Bulk Water is available on a CCWD water surplus basis and may only be drawn from the Bulk Station or authorized water sources. Bulk Water access may be suspended or limited in the event of emergency, including but not limited to drought, local fire, or power outage. (See relevant documents below for additional information.)

Fire Protection Rates

Annual charges for fire protection meters
Meter Size Annual Charge
2" $132.00
4" $396.00
6" $792.00

These are billed annually at the end of August and due before September 27th of every year.

Capacity Expansion Fees

For all new water and/or fire connections
New Meter Size Charge
5/8" Meter $4,900.00
3/4" Meter $7,350.00
1" Meter $12,250.00
1.5" Meter $24,500.00
2" Meter $39,200.00
3" Meter $73,500.00
4" Meter $122,500.00
6" Meter $245,000.00

Parcel needs to be annexed into the District before being allowed to connect to the CCWD.

Installation Charges

Account Set-Up $30.00
Connection Fee $50.00
Inspection Fee $200.000
Meter and Meter Box TBD

Customer must advise Callayomi County Water District of date of install and any requests to start or stop service. Installation must be performed by a licensed contractor with Certificate of Liability naming Callayomi County Water District as an insured party. Meter box with lid, meter, register, and transmitter are provided by CCWD at cost; requests for exception must be approved by Callayomi County Water District in advance. 

Additional Charges

Late Fee $15.00
Returned Check Fee $30.00
Reconnect Fee $50.00
Tampering & Damage (Minimum Fee) $75.00
Collection Fee (Minimum Fee) $30.00
Account Transfer Fee $30.00
After Hours Call-Outs $125.00