Compensation & Expense Disclosures

Compensation/Benefits Reporting:

Each year, CCWD is required to report empolyee compensation informaton to the State Controller's Office to be published on their website for public review.

Expense Reimbursement Reporting:

In accordance with Government Code 53065.5:

Each special disrict, as difined by sbdivision (a) of Section 56036, shall, at least annually, disclose any reimbursement paid by the district within the immediately preeceding fiscal year of at least one hundred dollars ($100) for each individual charge for services or product received. "Individual charge" includes, but is not limited to, one meal, lodging for one day, transportation, or a registration fee paid to any empolyee or member of the governing body of the district. The disclosure requirement shall be fulfilled by including the reimbursement information in a document published or printed at least annually by a date determined by that district and shall be made available for public inspection.

A report of any single-item reimbursements greater than $99.99 paid to employees or members of the Board of Directors in the prior fiscal year is published each July.